Update from Maestro Heuser:

Fantasy and Fairy Tale

Thank you everyone for your patience as we deal with a substantial winter storm bearing down on Southwest Colorado. Given all the various considerations and forecasts, the Durango rehearsal on the evening of Thursday 2/21 has been cancelled. Hopefully that keeps us all off the roads during the heaviest snowfall. My goal is to make up that 2.5 hours of rehearsal by revising the rest of our weekend’s schedule as follows: on Friday, 2/22, we will rehearse in Henderson Hall, Farmington, starting at 4:00pm. We will rehearse Rimsky-Korsakov from 4:006:30pm, then take our dinner break from 6:30-7:30pm, and then continue from 7:30-9:30pm with Tchaikovsky in the first hour (Side by Side) and Ravel in the second hour. Looking ahead to Saturday 2/23, we will still be in Henderson Hall, Farmington, for dress rehearsal and concert, but we will add 30 minutes to the dress and start at 1:30pm (in concert order: Ravel, Tchaikovsky, break, Rimsky-Korsakov). Please travel carefully everyone and check your inbox for further updates.